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Winter Season


Winter Reminders


Please keep the following items in mind this winter season:

A snow emergency may be declared ahead of an anticipated winter weather event or during the weather event. By declaring a snow emergency in advance of a storm, both you and City crews can better prepare to weather the storm and clean it up. Not every winter storm will lead to a snow emergency. While many requirements are similar between a snow emergency and non-snow emergency events, there are differences in notification and timing, which are outlined below.



Snow Emergency

Any Other Winter Event (No Snow Emergency)

When do   these ordinances take effect?

When snow emergency is  declared by City

Starts when City receives 2” of snow/ice

Is an announcement made?

Yes, on local TV and radio

No. Begins once 2” of snow/ice   arrives.

When does enforcement start?

2 hours after Snow Emergency  is declared

12 hours after snow/ice event ends

What is   prohibited?

Parking or leaving vehicle attended


Prohibited areas for vehicles

All city streets, alleys, and city-owned parking   lots

All city streets and alleys

When   does it end?

48 hours after weather event ends

Once street or alley is plowed curb-to-curb for   the entire block length


Ticket, vehicle towed

Ticket, vehicle towed

City   Code Reference

Sec. 12.16.010

Sec. 10.48.056




Snow & Ice Accumulations should be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours of a 2-inch snow or ice event.  The property owner is responsible for clearing sidewalk abutting the property.  City ordinances require the sidewalk to be cleared to bare concrete.  In the event complaints are received about uncleared sidewalks, the owner will have 48 hours after city notification to clear sidewalks before they are cleared by the City at the owner’s expense.


Pushing Snow into Streets. For everyone’s safety, snow should not be pushed on, plowed to, or piled upon public streets.  Penalties apply for any violations.


Snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles are prohibited in the Bierman/Jacoby Walkway corridor and City right of way along Jacoby Drive. The pedestrian bridge is blocked with cones and is only for pedestrian use.


Fire hydrants can be blocked by snow and ice accumulations. Help prevent delays during an emergency by clearing accumulations around your neighborhood hydrant. Seconds count!

Please contact City Hall or the Police Department with any questions.

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