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 When is city hall open?


Monday - Thursday  8:00am - 4:30 pm

Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Closed these holidays

New Year Day January 1

Memorial Day

Independence Day July 4

Labor Day


Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve at Noon

Christmas Day December 25

New Year's Eve  at Noon

 How do I find my polling place?

The Polling site for the City of Epworth is the Council Chambers, 191 Jacoby Dr East.  Polls are open at varying times.  Phone City Hall 876-3320 or the County Election Office at 589-4499.

 Where do I apply for a dog or cat license?

Dog and cat licenses are handled by the City clerk's office.  A copy of the animal control ordinance for Epworth is available here. 

 Can we park on the streets during a snow emergency?

Snow Removal Updates

A snow emergency might be declared ahead of an anticipated winter weather event or during the weather event. Not every winter event will lead to a snow emergency.

Procedures and ordinances for a snow emergency and other winter events (those not declared snow emergencies) are outlined below. While many things are the same, the snow emergency will allow the City to set its removal plans into motion before a winter weather event ends.


Snow Emergency

Any Other Winter Event

When do   these ordinances take effect?

When snow emergency is  declared by City

When City receives 2” of snow/ice

Is an   announcement made?

Yes, on local TV and radio

No. Automatically in force once 2” of snow/ice   arrives.

When does enforcement start?

2 hours after Snow Emergency is declared

12 hours after snow/ice event ends

What is   prohibited?

Parking or leaving vehicle attended


Prohibited areas for vehicles

All city streets, alleys, and city-owned parking   lots

All city streets and alleys

When   does it end?

48 hours after weather event ends

Once street or alley is plowed curb-to-curb for   the entire block length


Ticket, vehicle towed

Ticket, vehicle towed

City   Code Reference

Sec. 12.16.010

Sec. 10.48.056


Other Winter Reminders

As winter approaches, please keep in mind the following rules on snow & ice removal and parking:

Pushing Snow into Streets. For everyone’s safety, snow should not be pushed on, plowed to, or piled upon public streets.  Penalties may result from these actions.

Snowmobiles or motorized vehicles are prohibited at all times in the Walkway Corridor and grounds along Jacoby Drive.

 What are my options for yardwaste?

The City has adopted an open burning ordinance allowing the burning of yardwaste generated on the premises from:

April 1 to May 15   &  October 1 to November 15

The public brushs site at the sewer plant is permanently closed.  Midwest Organic Solutions, located at 10166 Hartbecke Road (at Hwy 20 west of Epworth) is accepting Epworth yard waste. 

The garbage hauler will also pickup bagged yardwaste curbside with a $2.00 yellow yardwaste tag.  Tags are sold at City Hall. 

 What is a property "covenant"

The Iowa Land Use Planning Notebook defines a Deed Restriction (Covenant) as follows:

"A private legal restriction on the use of land, attached in the deed to a property.  A deed restriction is most commonly used in the establishment of a subdivision to restrict the use of all individual lots in the development to a certain type of use, e.g., single-family dwellings.  Usually the community has no control over deed restrictions."  (Source:  Iowa State University Extension)

Deed restrictions may also restrict the type of construction materials, the minimum finished floor area, and may even require review and approval of building plans by an "architectural control committee."  Deed restrictions, also called restrictive covenants, are private controls and the City has no authority to enforce such restrictions.  Enforcement is therefore a civil matter between owners within the subdivision.

 When is garbage & recycling picked up?

Garbage and Recycling service is provided each Tuesday through a contract with the hauler Roling Sanitation.  Recycled items are not required to be sorted.  Glass can be recycled.    Garbage limit is a 33 gal container not exceeding 40 pounds.  Extra bag/container tags are available for $1.00 at City Hall and at the Quik 'n Handi.  

Large items may also be disposed weekly with the appropriate tag.  Furniture, carpet, etc, require a $1.00 tag for each 40 pounds.   Appliances require a special appliance tag, fee of $10.00, sold only at City Hall. 

Electronics with a screen such as TV's, computer monitors, and laptops require a $5 or $15 disposal tag depending on the size, sold only at City Hall.  

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