Epworth, Iowa 

A Great Place To Live!

Recycling Tips

  • bag loose paper and envelopes
  • magazines and catalogs
  • used motor oil in container with a screw on lid
  • empty oil jugs must be drained and without the cap
  • paint cans (air dry)
  • yardwaste - $2.00 tag required - place in bag curbside with recycling
  • no styrofoam or book covers
  • no plastic lids or plastic bags
  • no wax coated items, wrappers, or liners.  No wrapping paper.

Glass is recycled curbside by our hauler at the present time.  Ditmer Recycling accepts glass at 1755 Radford Rd where they have a dumpster for glass only.

Appliance disposal tags are $10 - only sold at City Hall.

Electronics: Roling Sanitation will pick up your electronics with your recycling items, but those with a circuit board or picture tube will require a fee.  Laptops,monitors and TV's require a $10 disposal tag,   All other electronics such as printers, towers, and VCRs will not require a fee at this time.  

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