Clubs & Organizations

County Extension Office (583-6496)


American Legion John White Post 650

Wayne Marxen (876-3040)


Boy Scouts - contact Paul Silich 563-663-4727


 Epworth Athletic Club 

          President: Scott Hodgson 563-580-0225  Corporation of officers who manage the summer athletic programs at the Ballpark complex.


Epworth Community Historical Society  Active in preserving historical artifacts, publishes Voice of Progress quarterly newsletter.

Officers: Tom Simpson, President 563-876-3160; Deb Connolly, Vice-President 563-744-3158; Betty Mausser, Secretary-Treasurer 563-876-3293


Voice Of Progress 

       Editorial team: Dianne McDermott, Sandy Kass, Judy Berger. Betty Mausser, Sandy Wilgenbusch 

Contact Betty Mausser at 563-876-3353 or Dianne McDermott 563-543-3721


Epworth Economic Development Corp.

        Officers: Rod Berger, Dawn Kress, Nick Elsinger


Epworth Gun Club, and visit us on Facebook    


Epworth Volunteer Firemen and Emergency Services Department
To volunteer phone:  Chief Tom Berger (876-3321) (voice mail) 


Garden Club

Active in town beautification, Gateway gardens, and welcome baskets. To volunteer, phone City Hall: 876-3320


Girl Scouts  

 Active Contact City Hall at 563-876-3320, for a troop leader near you


Park and Recreation Board

City appointed board which oversees all recreational facilities and programs in the City.  To serve or assist as a volunteer, call 876-3320.  


Town & Country Betterment Committee (sub-unit of Economic Development Corp.)

Members:  Dawn Kress, Jill Herbst, Jodi Hallahan, Rod Berger, Jack Silker, Nick Elsinger, Dana Gansen, Andy & Alecia Kramer, Tyler Hoerner, Shane Hosch, Jenna Coyle, Larry Hosch, Dalton Kramer, & Tony Hoefer.


Trees Forever Program - call City Hall at 563-876-3320