Garbage / Recycling



Curbside garbage collection is Tuesday morning each week.

Curbside recycling collection is Tuesday morning EVERY OTHER week.

All containers must be out at 7am to ensure collection.

Place a $1.00 red sticker tag on extra bags. There is a 40 lbs limit on extra garbage bags

Recycling Guidelines
Glass Recycle Dumpster

 Recycling Tips

  • paper and envelopes, magazines and catalogs are acceptable
  • paint cans (air dry)
  • yardwaste - $2.00 tag required - place in paper lawn bag curbside with recycling
  • no styrofoam 
  • no plastic lids or plastic bags
  • no wax coated items, wrappers, or liners.  No wrapping paper.

Glass is NOT accepted.  Dittmer Recycling accepts glass at 1755 Radford Rd where they have a dumpster for glass only.  Additional purple bins are located at Asbury HyVee and the Theisens parking lot in Dyersville.

Appliance disposal tags are $10 - available at City Hall.

Electronics: Kluesner Sanitation will pick up your electronics, but those with a circuit board or picture tube will require an additional tag

Laptops, monitors and TV's require a $15 disposal tag - available at City Hall

All other electronics such as printers, towers, and VCRs will not require a fee at this time.  


The Kluesner Sanitation offers curbside pickup of yard waste in paper lawn bags with a $2.00 yellow pre-paid tag.  Tags are sold at City Hall.

The City has adopted an open burning ordinance allowing the burning of yard waste generated on the premises, from

  • April 1 - May 15
  • October 1 - November 15