Goals & Action Plan Update

Envision Epworth: Goals and Action Plan 


Update December 2014

The Park & Recreation Board was tasked with prioritizing identified Recreational Goals.  These goals will be utilized in the budget planning process.  

Priority 1:  Tennis courts - in conjunction with WD schools, Park on east side, Dog Park, and Trail lighting along Jacoby West.

Priority 2: Centennial park Expansion, soccer field, and basketball courts. 

Priority 3: parking lot lights and street lights to Centennial Park, restrooms at practice field (2nd St NW), baseball field lighting.  


November 21, 2013:

Thank you to everyone that participated in the October 30 and November 20 sessions to develop the updated Goals and Action Plan! With the ideas and input provided by participants at both sessions and submitted, the Capital Planning Committee will begin drafting an updated Goals and Action Plan. The updated plan will be posted here once completed. Input from the community and stakeholders is welcomed! After a period for comment and additional input, the plan will be finalized for City Council consideration.

The Capital Planning Committee will be re-visiting the City of Epworth's Goals and Action Plan during the fall and winter of 2013. The City's original Goals and Action Plan was developed in 2006-2007. Many of the goals and plans in the 2006-2007 document have been completed or are in progress. Our City continues to evolve and change, and so should our goals and long-term plans.

The Capital Planning Committee met on October 30 to kick of the 2013 update to the plan. A second session was held on November 20 to gather additional input prior to developing a draft of the updated plan.

Notes from both meetings along with a draft of the plan's objectives are available below.